Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gentle spring shower

Gentle spring shower
pushing out sunny rainbows
between the raindrops

Image: Norwood Rainbow by Chris Loft

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Under Blackwood Skies

Under Blackwood skies
the day is slowly ending
Kookaburra laughs

Image: Laughing Kookaburra

Monday, April 11, 2011

A dragonfly floats

RT @ChrisTwitery
A dragonfly floats / in the pearl of the morning / gossamer dancer


i found this awesome electric blue dragon fly, it looked cool, so i took a pic, as u do

A dragonfly floats
in the pearl of the morning
gossamer dancer

Image: Jordan Williames @tumblr

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Moon is Mine

This moon is mine

This moon is mine
My star will shine brighter than Venus.
By the time it is full my heart will be quenched
and my soul will find redemption
about 23 hours ago from web

# A scarred moon slips through clouds and stars:
my heart recovers from a knock-out blow.
Now I can laugh at a lunatic sky, smiling eternally.

about 22 hours ago from web
# Almost full, my heart wakes to scan the heavens:
dancing thoughts leap combining.
Moonlight guides me homeward.
Oh joy, my heart is smiling.
about 22 hours ago from web
# I would steal the moon from the night-time sky
and give it to you as a bauble.
Don’t break my heart again;
it has been far too much trouble.

about 22 hours ago from web
# I would pluck the sun from the sky
for you to wear around your neck;
for it fades into insignificance -
when I look at your bright blue eyes
about 22 hours ago from web
# I would string the stars together
to adorn your smile:
the night would be black compared to your beauty.
The sky would be emptied; and yours

about 21 hours ago from web
# I would give you the whole world for your plaything,
Gold, diamonds, jewels are nothing
compared to how precious you are; my heartfelt love.
about 19 hours ago from web
# I would give you the world,
cities would be yours to command,
I would give you oceans to bathe in,
mountains for shade, wealth beyond dreams

about 12 hours ago from web
# Full moon rising in a cloudy sky, looking very glorious.
Attractive tide of my desire – dance your cosmic tango.
All your base belong to us.
about 1 hour ago from Power Twitter
# This moon is mine; you can’t take it from me.
I will wax and wane. I will rise to the skies.
Fill me with laughter not pain,
inspire my soul

less than 5 seconds ago from Power Twitter

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plastic Flowers

Gilles Plains High School, Year Book 1968

Many people came to see the garden filled with love;
Many came in aroplanes, they swarmed the sky above,
Some of them came in paddle ships that jogged along so slow,
And many sorry people, didn't even go.

The garden was full of flowers, that reached up to the sky,
People watched for hours, some began to cry.
Beauty grooved around them, love was so supreme,
People didn't hound, ecstacy did beam.

I knew a little girl there, lost but unafraid,
She was going nowhere, so in the sun she played,
She listened to the music, and knew that she was free,
To her the love was magic, she was as joyful as could be.

I have been there often, I go in my balloon,
I listen to the music, it's such a lovely tune.
I turned down the volume, and watched them floating by,
Many watched the flowers that flirted with the sky.

And many walked on slowly, excited by the awe,
But most did come and listen, all had found the door.
Doors of mindless happiness - ways to happy joy
Were sprinkled through the garden, for them to employ.

People struck with wonder, walked as in a trance,
Others, filled with pleasure, were silent in their stance.
Many months of happiness were enjoyed by the throng,
They lived a life of harmony, beauty was their song.

Beauty lived among them, among them tranquil still,
Colouring their gaiety, evincing their freewill,
Psychedelic clouds of white, flowered on the air,
While golden rays of yellowsty, wandered off somewhere.

People caught the light and felt, the groovy atmosphere,
One by one, their hears did melt, most did shed their tear.
A perfumed flavour filled thier mind, entrancing them to wander,
They did, and seddenly did find, themselves in land of wonder.

Floral frests at their head, flowers at their feet,
Filled their festal feelings, with gragrances so sweet.
Minds expanded with the heat, exploding with fire soul,
People jumped into their minds, they played a raptured role.

Many people came to see the garden filled with love,
Many came in rocket-ships that teemed the sky above,
Everyone enjoyed that place, and its immortan rhyme;
The garden is behind your face; it's open any time.

Chris Loft
Adelaide, 1968

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunbeams in haiku

Silver beams of mist / glances that I can't resist /
my heart beats, dancing

Morning mist whispers / bathed in tattooed beams of light /
as I shed my skin

Bound by rising sun / rays sneaking through dappled cracks /
in the morning light

The sun disembarks / taking color from the day /
slowly by degrees

Butterfly wings sing / pretending they are dragons /
blazing in the sun

Radiant sparkles / at the doorstep of twilight /
as sunshine retreats

Sunshine sits amidst / phantoms of the afternoon /
lost in the moment

With each breath of air / with each river of sunlight /
leaves fall from my limbs

Scribbled dreams hazy words / roll from your lips like diamonds /
holding tiny suns

Daylight scatters now / rosy pink and apricot /
your sunset kisses

Image: Southern Sunbeams - photograph by Chris Loft

I know that

I know that I am haunted, by something inside me.
Something that grinds me and wears me right down.
Floating in a ghostly dreaming, my demon

A haunting, that I cannot refuse.
I just can’t put my finger on it.
I guess I’ve just got some ghouls.
Over run by your spectral dopplegang.

I know that demon inside me
is trying to escape this pale world:
lost in some nether regìon between reality
and that haunted, unnamed place…

I know that the person I am on the inside
is different to the one outside.
I wonder which of them is the real me,
and who is the unreal soul

I know you’re still inside me:
eating away from within.
Devouring whatever sanity remains;
filling my longing with pain.
Over and over again

I know I must leave you this way:
grieving as tho’ at a wake.
Hurts me to see you this day;
I’d much rather celebrate;
but I am dead to you.

I know I must fly like the wind:
flee away, get above every thing.
Like a leaf blown around in the air;
floating crazily: not going nowhere.

I will not drink that bitter concoction;
that brings out demons
from the pathways of my dark soul.
Running shadows, with wild screaming eyes

I will not taste that sweet elixer
that dulls my senses and makes me inebriate to you;
lest I feel lonlier than a far-off star in the night.

Far from the comfort of any home;
far from the the warmth of your light;
slowly and lonely I roam,
destitute of your love in this cold night

Playing a shell game with my numbed mind.
Playing chess with a sad heart.
Take a queen – leave her behind.
Take my pawn, rip his soul apart.

Chris Twitery
March 7, 2009

The Akshardham Temple, represent 10,000 years of Indian culture through its beautiful monument, fantastic exhibitions and 100 acres of lush lawns. It’s extraordinary architecture constructed by an estimated 11,000 artisans and volunteers. The temple is located near the Nizamuddin Bridge along the bank of River Yamuna, New Delhi.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

As cherry blossom

As cherry blossom -
fallen on the ground and stained -
satsuma wind #haiku

Image: A woodblock print depicting the attack upon
a British national on September 14th, 1862

Morning's misty light

Morning's misty light -
reminds me of your fingers -
raking down my chest #haiku

Image: Misty Summer
A misty day on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia…
© 2007 D L Ennis, All rights reserved.
(Visual Thoughtshttp://dlennis.wordpress.com/

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning tear drops fall

Morning tear drops fall -
I call your name anyway -
in this foggy mist #haiku


JP translation by Tedude 8)

Image: Lime Tree in Fog by Kregon

Pale morning sun smiles

Pale morning sun smiles -
even as a long-necked swan -
holds up the whole sky #haiku

Image: Swan in Fog by Gotinha

Below the lantern

Below the lantern - frozen in moments of time -
broken moth wings cry #haiku

Image: The Astronomer - Jonathan Boakes Dark Fall Games

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nada existe

Nada existe
exceto a faísca dentro de você
e a luz
isto brilha
dos seus olhos

Nothing exists
except the spark inside you
and the light
that shines
from your eyes

Image: Con Fiar - Spinning
Pianeta Supernova - 
A sagrada respiracao transformacional - Holy Transormational Breath 

A ghost walks within

A ghost walks within - these electric streets of light - twisting heart and soul #haiku

Image: The Art of Masquerade
Stilt walkers perform during a pyrotechnic show at the Chingay parade in Singapore February 11, 2011. Chingay, which means "the art of masquerade" in Chinese Hokkien dialect, is an annual street and floats parade held during the Chinese Lunar New Year period in Singapore. REUTERS/Tim Chong

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

haiku for fingers and toes

Clouds caress the night ~
just like your morning fingers ~
dancing on my chest

Fingers weave through air ~
narrative images weave ~
into tapestry

Curled toes on the beach ~
and light that fills up the sky ~
your green eyes in bloom

Tip toe through morning ~
on the other side of sleep ~
in a short sharp breath

Las nubes magrean la noche ~ 
justo como su mañana manosea ~ 
el baile en mi pecho

des nuages caressent la nuit
come tes doigts de matin
dansent sur ma poitrine

 Wolken kosen Nacht
wie deine Morgenfinger
auf meiner Brust tanzn

Assyrian inspired henna design - Henna by Alison

French and German translations by Dagmar

Friday, February 11, 2011