Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunbeams in haiku

Silver beams of mist / glances that I can't resist /
my heart beats, dancing

Morning mist whispers / bathed in tattooed beams of light /
as I shed my skin

Bound by rising sun / rays sneaking through dappled cracks /
in the morning light

The sun disembarks / taking color from the day /
slowly by degrees

Butterfly wings sing / pretending they are dragons /
blazing in the sun

Radiant sparkles / at the doorstep of twilight /
as sunshine retreats

Sunshine sits amidst / phantoms of the afternoon /
lost in the moment

With each breath of air / with each river of sunlight /
leaves fall from my limbs

Scribbled dreams hazy words / roll from your lips like diamonds /
holding tiny suns

Daylight scatters now / rosy pink and apricot /
your sunset kisses

Image: Southern Sunbeams - photograph by Chris Loft