Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunbeams in haiku

Silver beams of mist / glances that I can't resist /
my heart beats, dancing

Morning mist whispers / bathed in tattooed beams of light /
as I shed my skin

Bound by rising sun / rays sneaking through dappled cracks /
in the morning light

The sun disembarks / taking color from the day /
slowly by degrees

Butterfly wings sing / pretending they are dragons /
blazing in the sun

Radiant sparkles / at the doorstep of twilight /
as sunshine retreats

Sunshine sits amidst / phantoms of the afternoon /
lost in the moment

With each breath of air / with each river of sunlight /
leaves fall from my limbs

Scribbled dreams hazy words / roll from your lips like diamonds /
holding tiny suns

Daylight scatters now / rosy pink and apricot /
your sunset kisses

Image: Southern Sunbeams - photograph by Chris Loft

I know that

I know that I am haunted, by something inside me.
Something that grinds me and wears me right down.
Floating in a ghostly dreaming, my demon

A haunting, that I cannot refuse.
I just can’t put my finger on it.
I guess I’ve just got some ghouls.
Over run by your spectral dopplegang.

I know that demon inside me
is trying to escape this pale world:
lost in some nether regìon between reality
and that haunted, unnamed place…

I know that the person I am on the inside
is different to the one outside.
I wonder which of them is the real me,
and who is the unreal soul

I know you’re still inside me:
eating away from within.
Devouring whatever sanity remains;
filling my longing with pain.
Over and over again

I know I must leave you this way:
grieving as tho’ at a wake.
Hurts me to see you this day;
I’d much rather celebrate;
but I am dead to you.

I know I must fly like the wind:
flee away, get above every thing.
Like a leaf blown around in the air;
floating crazily: not going nowhere.

I will not drink that bitter concoction;
that brings out demons
from the pathways of my dark soul.
Running shadows, with wild screaming eyes

I will not taste that sweet elixer
that dulls my senses and makes me inebriate to you;
lest I feel lonlier than a far-off star in the night.

Far from the comfort of any home;
far from the the warmth of your light;
slowly and lonely I roam,
destitute of your love in this cold night

Playing a shell game with my numbed mind.
Playing chess with a sad heart.
Take a queen – leave her behind.
Take my pawn, rip his soul apart.

Chris Twitery
March 7, 2009

The Akshardham Temple, represent 10,000 years of Indian culture through its beautiful monument, fantastic exhibitions and 100 acres of lush lawns. It’s extraordinary architecture constructed by an estimated 11,000 artisans and volunteers. The temple is located near the Nizamuddin Bridge along the bank of River Yamuna, New Delhi.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

As cherry blossom

As cherry blossom -
fallen on the ground and stained -
satsuma wind #haiku

Image: A woodblock print depicting the attack upon
a British national on September 14th, 1862

Morning's misty light

Morning's misty light -
reminds me of your fingers -
raking down my chest #haiku

Image: Misty Summer
A misty day on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia…
© 2007 D L Ennis, All rights reserved.
(Visual Thoughts

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning tear drops fall

Morning tear drops fall -
I call your name anyway -
in this foggy mist #haiku


JP translation by Tedude 8)

Image: Lime Tree in Fog by Kregon

Pale morning sun smiles

Pale morning sun smiles -
even as a long-necked swan -
holds up the whole sky #haiku

Image: Swan in Fog by Gotinha

Below the lantern

Below the lantern - frozen in moments of time -
broken moth wings cry #haiku

Image: The Astronomer - Jonathan Boakes Dark Fall Games

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nada existe

Nada existe
exceto a faísca dentro de você
e a luz
isto brilha
dos seus olhos

Nothing exists
except the spark inside you
and the light
that shines
from your eyes

Image: Con Fiar - Spinning
Pianeta Supernova - 
A sagrada respiracao transformacional - Holy Transormational Breath 

A ghost walks within

A ghost walks within - these electric streets of light - twisting heart and soul #haiku

Image: The Art of Masquerade
Stilt walkers perform during a pyrotechnic show at the Chingay parade in Singapore February 11, 2011. Chingay, which means "the art of masquerade" in Chinese Hokkien dialect, is an annual street and floats parade held during the Chinese Lunar New Year period in Singapore. REUTERS/Tim Chong

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

haiku for fingers and toes

Clouds caress the night ~
just like your morning fingers ~
dancing on my chest

Fingers weave through air ~
narrative images weave ~
into tapestry

Curled toes on the beach ~
and light that fills up the sky ~
your green eyes in bloom

Tip toe through morning ~
on the other side of sleep ~
in a short sharp breath

Las nubes magrean la noche ~ 
justo como su mañana manosea ~ 
el baile en mi pecho

des nuages caressent la nuit
come tes doigts de matin
dansent sur ma poitrine

 Wolken kosen Nacht
wie deine Morgenfinger
auf meiner Brust tanzn

Assyrian inspired henna design - Henna by Alison

French and German translations by Dagmar

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The road to Edo

The road to Edo - a bitter, dusty journey -
one step at a time #haiku

Image: Rickshaw - Japan in the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period, 1868-1912
. . . So that’s what we’re doing . . . We contacted Mark Sink, Denver’s photography maven;
it turns out that Mark’s great-grandfather, the New York society photographer,
James L. Breese, had a collection of nineteenth-century photographic prints from Japan.
On display is the Yokohama Album, a collection of hand-tinted albumen
photographs depicting studio and scenic views of Japan
during the Bakumatsu - Meiji period (1868-1912).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer light blows in

Summer light blows in ~ a misty fire of morning ~
sparkles in the dust #haiku

Image: Spiral of Lonliness by Sven Fennema

My breath deepens when

My breath deepens when ~
I sense your perfume and your ~
footsteps softly sing #haiku

Image: Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer 2011
organic shapes, manipulated fabrics, textures reminiscent of a weathered landscape

Morning Cactus Dreams . . . a work in progress

Cactus flower blooms
softness amid dry hard thorns
raindrops slowly fade 

Like a single breath of air 
living dawn until twilight 

Sometimes my heart swoons
certain fragrance or perfume
little words you said 

And now the day is over
with the setting of the sun

A sharp distance kept
between soft succulent parts
of your desert heart 

Days pass under searing sun
liquid light of summer days 

Hardened wretched world
now and then a gentle rain
in the cool of night 

Then one morning slowly wake 
in your oases of dreams

In morning's sweetness
the sweet voices of angels
welcome the new day

A hot glaring sun overhead
bakes your soul with every breath

Birds rise through blue skies
racing to the shade of clouds
a blasting wind blows

Your evening song, a whisper
on the cooling gully breeze

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haiku Pasta x2

Spaghetti, feta ~ combination of cheeses ~
served quickly with herbs 

A slight hint of herbs ~ often transports me back to ~
your garlic kisses

Image: Angel hair pasta with got cheese and herbs

Dappled water laps

Dappled water laps / in a place inside my mind / 
where dragonflies rest #haiku

Twisting and Turning

Twisting and turning / phantom dreaming and yearning / in my sleepless night #haiku

Monday, February 7, 2011

Balcony retweet

Balcony retweet ~ time for chai time for sunshine ~
another deep breath #haiku

Image: Afternoon at Stirling, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Crimson sky bleeding

Crimson sky bleeding / into the deepest blue sea / bandage of darkness #haiku

Image: Sunset on the Baltic

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blinding excitement

Blinding excitement - in overwhelming smiles from - your chromatic heart #haiku

Image: Sunset in Japan

A vastness of time

A vastness of time - between punctuated breath - waiting for a bus #haiku

Image: Derelict Double-Decker Bus and Desert Oak, Camerons Corner - Strzelecki Track Road, Outback, South Australia, Australia AOSA467
David Wall Photo c2007

Copper vision drawn

Copper vision drawn ~ in pastel shades of autumn ~ sepia mutiny #haiku

Snap to icy breeze

Snap to icy breeze ~ between crisp fog-frozen trees ~ sounds of the morning #haiku

Image: via

Wattle whispers weave

Wattle whispers weave ~ a mist of golden yellow ~
blossom and shadow #haiku #Adelaide

Magpies stare and squint ~ 
at the sun behind my back ~ pollen in my hair #haiku

Pollen floats like snow ~ in golden yellow starfield ~ 
songs of butterflies #haiku

My dreams fly aloft

My dreams fly aloft ~ millions march on Lybian  streets ~ freedom on the wing #haiku #Lybia

My dreams fly aloft ~ millions march in Egypt  streets ~ freedom on the wing #haiku #egypt

Image: Lake Pictures

My heart skips a beat

My heart skips a beat - in the silence of the night - stars whisper your name #haiku

Image: In the Silence of the Night

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You make tears - in my eyes

You make tears
in my eyes
make it rain
my heart

You make tears
I don't 
to cry

You make tears
fall in streams
gouging scars
inside my

You make tears
when I don't want to cry

There are tears
when I whisper you name
and words
that still stab me
with pain

You make tears
fall like rain
over and over again
as raindrops fall
from the skies

You left wounds
in my heart
that still tear me apart
I wash them each day
with more tears

You make tears
when I think
your words 
are surely not 
for me

You make tears
when I don't want to cry


Image: Love is the Devil Counting Teardrops in the Rain by schastk

In a quiet place

In a quiet place ~ I keep my innermost thoughts ~
of who I might be #haiku

Image: El Temple de la Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

Distant horizon

Distant horizon -~  my dreams ebb into shadows ~ when the crimson fades #haiku

Image: Sunset over Adelaide, South Australia

Who would have thought that

Who would have thought that ~ life would fly apart like this ~ my heart floats like mist #haiku

Image: Campbelltown Dandelion

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cactus flower blooms

Cactus flower blooms / softness amid dry hard thorns / raindrops slowly fade #haiku

Image: Cactus flower in a Blackwood garden, South Australia