Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning Cactus Dreams . . . a work in progress

Cactus flower blooms
softness amid dry hard thorns
raindrops slowly fade 

Like a single breath of air 
living dawn until twilight 

Sometimes my heart swoons
certain fragrance or perfume
little words you said 

And now the day is over
with the setting of the sun

A sharp distance kept
between soft succulent parts
of your desert heart 

Days pass under searing sun
liquid light of summer days 

Hardened wretched world
now and then a gentle rain
in the cool of night 

Then one morning slowly wake 
in your oases of dreams

In morning's sweetness
the sweet voices of angels
welcome the new day

A hot glaring sun overhead
bakes your soul with every breath

Birds rise through blue skies
racing to the shade of clouds
a blasting wind blows

Your evening song, a whisper
on the cooling gully breeze

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